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Keep Biting Insects off the Guest List

Metro Detroit’s outdoor party season brings beautiful sunny days and cool, comfortable nights. It can also bring an onslaught of annoying and potentially dangerous biting insects that will send your guests running for the hills well before the party is over. Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit can help you keep your party going and your guests comfortable during your outdoor wedding, graduation, or other special events.

Why Protect Your Special Event?

Aside from being an itchy annoyance for guests at outdoor events, biting insects can also carry harmful and potentially deadly diseases, including Zika, Lyme disease, and West Nile Virus. Protecting your yard against these dangerous pests before your event will allow your guests to focus on having a good time, rather than applying bug spray and worrying about their family’s comfort and well-being.

Our licensed professionals use an EPA-approved, odorless, invisible barrier treatment that dries in 30 minutes and is specifically formulated to protect against biting insects—even if it rains. Since our treatment has no detectable odor, your guests won’t have any idea that your yard was treated in advance for their protection. In contrast to other mosquito control methods, our solution is time-released and will protect and repel biting insects for the duration of your event.

We Protect Your Guests…and Your Flowering Plants and Pets

You never have to worry about choosing between your decorative flowers and your guest’s comfort, since our barrier spray is not applied to flowering plants or other sensitive vegetation. After treatment, we do recommend a 30-minute drying time before any pets or guests use your outdoor space.

Metro Detroit’s Local and Licensed Mosquito Treatment Experts

Our licensed, locally trained mosquito control technicians know where biting and stinging insects live, breed, and thrive in the Metro Detroit area and in your backyard. They apply our specially formulated barrier spray strategically throughout your outdoor space to keep biting insects from harassing your guests and hovering around food areas during your party.

From consultation through application, our licensed professionals will work with your party’s timeline. We thoroughly treat all common mosquito breeding and resting areas 24-48 hours prior to your event. Our service is always backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don’t invite biting insects to ruin your next outdoor party—contact Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit at (844) 667-7823 for a free special event consultation today.

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